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50 Quotes by Women About Everyday Life

Your Formula for Life

There is no universal formula for having it all.
You have to design your own.

A huge component of any life design is based on the choices we make.  We truly have the power to choose our own path.  An acceptance of anything except a life that suits us exactly, is not living by design, but rather going through the motions.

I've spent bits and pieces of time over recent years documenting my own unique formula for living life my way.  The process of consciously thinking through my formula and why it suits me created such clarity for me.  It helped me define my priorities and be honest with myself when I wasn't actually living by them.  This process was so useful for me, I thought; why not share it with other women who are living the juggling act as well?

My “formula” for managing responsibilities while keeping time for me is a work in progress and will always constantly be in motion.  But having the process of defining my formula firmly in place is going to allow me to tweak and improve upon it as priorities change and things in my life shift. It's this process that I hope to share with you through the information contained in this site.  You can review my process, and my current formula in various areas of life as a starting point for creating your own formula for living life your way.

  About Kelly


This journey, creating my formula for life, has solidified my commitment to continuous growth and development. In addition, and maybe even more importantly, the journey has helped me define the most critical tenets I want to live by.

Love yourself first and be glad you are different, for how boring would it be if we were all the same!

Speak up!  You have a voice and you have great ideas, so don't hold them back. Throw them out there into the universe.

Trust your instincts. You already know the answer, so never accept that the status quo is inevitable, when it doesn’t feel right for you.

If it's not exciting, don't waste your time on it.  You have unique passions; know them and pursue them. You can always make it work.

Pay attention to what you want to grow and let go of what drags you down. We are all capable of both with a little bit of conscious effort.


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About Kelly

Kelly McCann, Co-Designer of Your Formula for Life
Kelly McCann

Life System Design Strategist

I'm an almost 40-year-old lady with active children, a husband, a dog, a career, great friends, a home and an unbelievable desire to help others learn how to create space in their life for their passions!

My own "formula for life" came about as I came to the realization that somewhere along the path of all of the above, I had gotten bogged down in responsibility and was losing site of the direction I wanted to point myself in life.

With some research, reading, and education from life design experts, I began to remember that life is all just about choices I am capable of making every day, and that I can design my life and live it however I choose to.

That's why I'm here and what Your Formula for Life is all about!  I'm going to help you create systems for the responsibilities in your life so you can have more time for fun!  I take an unbelievably practical approach to life systems strategies because I want you to succeed!  I will help you every step of the way as you decide where to start and how to take control and move forward in designing your formula for life!


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Stayed tuned to this section of the YFFL site for more free programs and resources as they are released!  I'm really looking forward to this journey we are about to embark on and to hearing about the final results as you develop, improve and tweak your own formula for living your best life!

Who Can Benefit from This Information?

  • the woman who is searching for more space in her life, more time for self and less chaos
  • the woman who is seeking efficiencies in how she utilizes her time
  • the woman who wants more time for family and less time spent on everday responsibilities
  • the woman looking for that ever-elusive element of balance, the delicate juggle of family, career, friends and fun!
  • the woman who really wants to learn how to say no to all of her perceived obligations
  • the woman seeking self acceptance, improved energy levels and overall better health
  • the "grumpy mom" wanting to reduce stress and be more present for her children and spouse


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Start Designing

Where to start if you want to make some changes in your life? Well, here is my philosophy: it's important to start with some common stepping stones so you have a solid base to work from. I believe these stepping stones include the guidebook topics you'll see below.

These topics are the core elements in the design of my best life. My best life is still under construction, but having a solid handle on these base essentials has allowed me to move on to more specifics in my design such as doing more things that give me butterflies (eg. writing these guidebooks and starting this website!)

I'm most excited to share with you that the guidebooks covering these baseline life design elements aren't just a compilation of suggestions, tips and ideas. The best part, I believe, is that at the end of each guidebook there is a multiple day step-by-step action guide to help you implement the suggestions in the book. I'm going to systematically walk you through daily activities so that you can consider and design your own formula and I'm going to tell you what to add to your daily to-do list so that these new habits you are developing have a chance to stick.

I personally really enjoy reading about strategies that other women implement in their own busy lives to ease the juggling and circumvent the chaos, but I often get stuck when it comes to exactly how to implement the suggestions they've described in my own life.  The guidebooks I've developed absolutely address this concern via the multi-day action plan included at the end of each.

The steps are designed in such a way so that you start by considering a few things about yourself as an individual so that you truly are designing your own formula, one that has a better chance of sticking in your life.  After the brainstorming we move on to implementation where you create your own action plan.  The third and final step is a follow-up assessment as to your success at implementing your own formula.  How do I ensure you do not skip this follow-up?  A reminder that we put in your to-do list for several weeks in the future.  This reminder asks you to look back and honestly evaluate how successful you were at implementing your design changes and where exactly you can improve.  Then, with that new and improved information, we begin designing again from step one.  This is how we systematically ensure the formula created through this process fits for you!

Remember, your formula is not going to be the same as mine or anyone else's for that matter. But to speed the process of implementation, it's ok to take my templates and suggestions and build on them to make them your own.

So, that's the design process in a nutshell. I hope you've made the choice that this is the time to create a life that's just for you. Take a crack at creating a formula for the most important elements of your life where you'd like to see change first.  It's time to design your formula for life!

  The GuideBooks

"Kelly makes wonderful suggestions for balancing work, life, family, and adding those all together, happiness. There is a focus on taking an honest look at your life and priorities. If you aren't serious about wanting to make your life better, whatever that means to you, then this may not be for you. I love the comments about not feeling guilty for making your own happiness as much of a priority as your family's. The sections and stories are relatable for every single person!"

- Bobbi-Jo Schweitzer -

"After reading and participating in the programs from the various guidebooks included in “Your Formula for Life”, I found a variety of subject matter within the program that was relevant to my life style and life expectations. The lessons, examples and suggestions offered give the blueprint to success but allow for lots of personal adaptation. The topics and ideas in the program bring to the forefront a life that we often react to instead of plan and prepare for. Kelly is very open and honest in sharing her pursuit to achieve her own formula."

- Lynne Musselman -

"Kelly is one of the most organized and motivated people I know. I often wondered how she managed it all without sacrificing time with her family. I'm glad she's finally sharing her "secrets" for achieving a healthy balance of personal happiness, family harmony and professional success."

- Catherine Hibbard -


Take this opportunity to do some exploration about your own formula for life.  The guidebooks will lead you on a journey of discovery about yourself as I ask you to consider what's really important in your life right now.  Learn how to implement practical tools to aid you with the basics like meal planning, personal finance, home organization, working efficiently, balancing your to-do list and calendar commitments AND finding time for you!  Follow the multi-day step by step program included at the end of each guidebook to ensure you create habits for the changes you are looking to make!

Want to learn more about my style and the practical advice I provide before you buy?  Check out the free guidebook titled "Balance & Self Care: 50 Quotes By Women About Everyday Life" by subscribing to my monthly newsletter.

Balance and Self Care 50 Quotes By Women About Everyday Life


A compliations of 50 quotes by women who have written posts for on managing balance and self-care in lives where responsibility threatens to overwhelm them daily.  This resource was created to prove to you that you are not alone in your quest to find some form of balance in your life and to provide motivation as you seek to live your best life.  Enjoy!


Take Action and Accomplish More!


This free guidebook includes 4 simple tips that are going to make you take action and accoomplish more!  Imagine, 4 changes that you can implement into your life that will have you moving forward faster than ever before.  No matter what your goal or how much you want to change or accomplish, these four tips are going to have you setting the pace and designing a life that fits you exactly!


Create Your Formula for Life Guidebooks


Have you ever described your life as busy or chaotic?  Looking for some specific, practical advice to help you put systems in place to manage your everyday responsibilities?  Really hoping to design a life that suits your personality and priorities?  If you said yes to any or all of these questions then this 200 page guide is for you! It includes chapters on your own self-care, clean(er) eating, fitness that's fun for you, personal financial budgets, family schedule coordination & home organization...... Ideas are layed out clearly and are followed by step by step actions for you to take so you can design your own formula for living a life that suits you exactly!To sweeten this deal, when you purchase this package you will receive a bonus guide for office workers looking to gain efficiency at work so you can get in and get out and back to the rest of your life!  Finally, this purchase includes personal email coaching from me!  Take the opportunity to ask me your questions and pick my brain for 30 days from the date of purchase and let me provide support specific to you and your formula!



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Stop Pretending

20 February 2017

I shared with you that we were considering selling our home of 38 years and embarking on a new adventure by moving to a new community. I told you I was excited and scared. Now a year later I will share with you that I was pretending. I was just plain scared and sad.

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17 February 2017

Sometimes I wonder why we were in such a hurry to grow up. Adulting is an education that is free, but the hardest course to navigate at times in my opinion. Don't you agree?

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Feel As If

9 February 2017

Needless to say, as I’ve listened to Jess’ recent podcasts on the law of attraction, and her consideration of how to be in alignment as a means of creating a life she loves living, she’s helped me to understand that perhaps the underlying concept where focus should be placed is not to just simply act as if, but to also feel as if.

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Setting Boundaries by Saying No

6 February 2017

Women today take on A LOT. If you happen to also be a mom, you’re probably doing the work of several people. It’s no wonder that many of us feel stressed out and overwhelmed when really, our lives are filled with so much positivity, love, and laughter. We seem to become consumed with the challenges, the tasks and the daily grind. I know I’m guilty of this.

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Getting Back to A Formula That Worked

3 February 2017

I looked back on my blog post for Your Formula for Life from January 2016, and noted that some of the elements of my formula that I mentioned in that post were to “Just say no” and “Take time for myself”. I can honestly say that formula worked for me then, but I will admit I’ve since allowed elements of my life to get in the way and I fell off that wagon months ago!

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A New Year, A Fresh Start?

25 January 2017

While I have been MIA I have been conducting an important experiment. Pay attention now – this is truly ground breaking stuff…. I have been putting significant time into testing out whether it’s possible to lose weight and generally become more fit and healthy just by thinking about making changes, yet not actually modifying anything.

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Ready for a Life You Love? First, Say Goodbye

24 January 2017

Life. Nonstop demands. The chaos of keeping up with everything by doing the only thing you know to do when things pile up. Go into overdrive and plow through it all until you can relax on your next vacation…in August.

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Making An Impact Beyond The Day-To-Day

18 January 2017

I recognize that this might not be such a typical “Your Formula for Life” post, as I’m telling you to add something extra to your life, but I actually have begun to see my Board involvement as a form of self-care.

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Protecting Your Relationship

13 January 2017

Todd and I are a typical, we disagree on some things, agree on most things, and work together to manage our home, finances and children’s extracurricular schedule. But that does not make us a couple. That makes us roommates. Responsible roommates.

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