Finding Love In Loss

18 November 2017

Love. Everything I see, read or hear keeps bringing me to this message. Perhaps because I am looking for it. It may seem like an obvious notion in our personal lives, and the most obvious missing link when we look at social media and the news.

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My Balance: Spokes on The Wheel of Identity

7 November 2017

Fresh out of college, my 22-year-old self-wanted to conquer everything. I graduated as a chemical engineer and was ready to tackle corporate America, and make everything else work along the way. I had a boyfriend at the time who would later become my husband, but I was fiercely independent. I was going to have plenty of my own money for the first time. I lived far from my parents, convinced I could do anything. I knew I’d be in a male-dominated field, and I was pumped about that. Bring it on!

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When Busy at Work Collides with Busy At Home

4 November 2017

An older and wiser me has decided to take another approach. Here are some of the things I think are reasonable changes to my formula when "busy at home"collides with "busy at work":

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My Formula for New Year's "Resolutions"

4 November 2017

I used to live by my list – especially when I was making plans and resolutions from career to motherhood and back again. I felt the power of putting goals in writing and loved the feeling of checking things off the list.

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When You Are a Mom and You Choose To Work Outside of the Home

21 October 2017

In June of 2014 I was promoted at work. At 27, I was the youngest group home manager at my agency and I was super proud that I was able to work my butt off and prove that I could handle the responsibility of the 4 women who are under my care. I was nailing this whole being a working mom thing!

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Get Stuff Done with Less Stress and More Ease

12 October 2017

I help people to get stuff done with less stress and more ease. That doesn’t mean that everything we encounter will (or should) be easy. Goodness, if we only had to do the easy stuff life would soon get pretty dull. We need challenge and new experiences to keep things interesting and to grow.

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How Do You Do It?

3 October 2017

How do you do it? That's the million-dollar question, isn't it? It's the question I get asked most frequently as a full-time working mom of five. As working moms, we know that the slightest hiccup in our morning can mean we are drastically late for work. The smallest traffic delay can mean missing our kid’s football game. We run a pretty tight ship and every minute is accounted for.

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30 September 2017

For a moment here let’s turn down all the noise, stop chasing all those unattainable visions of what healthy looks like and tune into you and where you are. This is your journey. This is your formula. You get to design what health looks and feels like in your world. You are capable of making these shifts.

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Taking Off My Cape

22 September 2017

Let me ask you something ladies. When was the last time you were truly taken care of? I mean, so taken care of that you didn’t need to use your brain for anything! You didn’t have to worry because you knew that life was going to continue on seamlessly, even with someone else at the reigns. And all you had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy not having to be the ringmaster for a while.

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