A Formula In Flux

24 May 2017

Listen guys, I know I haven’t written any of my own blogs in a while. Honestly, it’s because I’m facing a few changes in my formula right now and I wasn’t really sure what to actually write about! So I decided to share with you what’s changing and why – even though I haven’t really figured out how exactly it’s all going to look in the end. But here it goes….

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Creating Boundaries to Maintain a Sustainable Cadence of Life

23 May 2017

Isn't the world of parenthood totally crazy?! Having children opens our eyes to so many unexpected twists and turns, a whole new set of priorities, and another human (or two or three or four..) for whom we become entirely responsible. No longer is our own agenda our only agenda.

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When You Need A New Formula

20 May 2017

I’ve been struggling with my formula for my life for the last few months to say the least. Apparently I’m not very good at adjusting it. With baby #1 it didn’t seem that hard. With baby #2, it was a lot harder. Baby #3 is not even here yet, but I’ve had an especially hard time this go-around.

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I'm Not A Perfect Mom... I Just Play One On Social Media

3 May 2017

Hands up if you're a social media junky? My hand is up, straight up and waving. I freaking love social media and all it can do for me both personally and professionally. I manage my personal page and four business pages. I use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, TripAdvisor and Google Plus. So, yup, I totally have a problem, but that's an entirely other post.

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The Best Advice I Ever Got From My Kids

3 May 2017

Sometimes the truth escapes their innocent mouths and hits me hard – as if knocking the sense into me. There are a few things my children have said lately that have really resonated with me and I have actually taken their advice!

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The Four Crucial Elements of My Formula

17 April 2017

For me, success in motherhood isn’t just about staying organized, being proactive, having a meal prep day, scheduling in date nights and keeping my cup full. While all of those are crucial elements to my formula, there is so much more to my formula for life.

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My Kind of Chaos

8 April 2017

Being an entrepreneur has been the most terrifying and exciting decision I’ve ever made. Like many people who are willing to venture into the world of self-employment, I had to overcome the fear of the unknown. Would my business be something people seek? How would I pay my bills? Would people want to hire me?

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My Formula for a Calm and Successful Return to Work From Maternity Leave

4 April 2017

Perhaps it’s because new working mamas are simply exhausted and don’t have time to create resources. Or maybe it’s because there’s still some cultural resistance to mothers being in the workplace. Whatever the reason, when I became a new working mom, I was somewhat shocked at the lack of resources available on how to plan and navigate a return from maternity leave.

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Take Back Your Day

3 April 2017

Are you in a place where each day looks like a chaotic mess? You have fallen into a routine of the same frantic response to your calendar, rushing from one thing to the next. Exhausted. Uninspired. You’re ready for something different.

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