Are You Pouring From An Empty Cup?

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Guest post by Anna Wallace:

I speak to so many women that are day in and day out exhausted, physically and mentally. They are holding down a full-time job, looking after the kids, organizing family life, cooking dinner etc., so you can say time is not really on their side.

Their needs are at the bottom of that big pile! Self-care? What even is that….it doesn’t exist for most.

When we take on new roles, being a mum or maybe it’s a new job title at work suddenly we start to sacrifice our own time for other things. It’s normal, we all do it.

The busier we get, the more it slides and eventually self-care or any form of looking after yourself is apparently not important anymore.

You haven’t even had a bite to eat since breakfast and you are surviving on caffeine daily.

Ultimately you are pouring from an empty cup. There ain't nothing in there to give, is there?

Feeling drained? Have zero energy? Have no patience? And generally, feel unhealthy? Like any sort of life is zapped out of you.


Eating habits

When a new client chats to me before we start working together, she explains how her energy levels are non-existent and that her weight is creeping up all the time. We know the answer here.

How you feel on a daily basis is largely due to how you look after yourself. Ok, we all have bad days and days when staying under the blanket would be bliss. But I am talking generally here, on an overall basis.

If we are not fueling ourselves with wholesome nutritious food, well the energy depletes and your weight will more than likely increase, among many other things.

Our eating habits don’t support us and our cravings are off the scale. So, we reach for more sugar filled foods to fill the gap and in the hope of getting more energy.

When we don’t take even one minute for ourselves, we lose ourselves. We get lost in looking after everyone else at home, in work and even the damn cat gets better looked after than you.

Eventually I find there will always come a time when you have to take a step back and analyze how you feel, reflect and to see where you need to make some slight and manageable changes in your life.

You know that when you look after number 1, you have more to give. More energy for the kids, for work, for life in general because you aren’t completely running on empty.


Is this you?

Are you running on empty at the minute? Are you pouring from an empty cup?

You know it’s not selfish to look after yourself, it’s a necessity, you should make it a priority and it’s actually wrong if you don’t.

It’s just about learning how to fit that time into your schedule. It’s possible.


Helpful tips

Here are some tips to help you get the zest back for life and to help you feel the best you can.

Food = energy.

What you put in, you get out. So, if you are surviving on junk, well the quality of energy you get out will be pretty much a load of junk too. Meaning it won’t serve you.

Start off by looking at the areas you are struggling with in terms of nutrition. Is it knowing what to eat? Is it having inspiration for healthy meals that don’t take forever in the kitchen?

Get organized with food. You have to make time for this and fueling yourself properly. Yes, you deserve to eat a nutritious meal too, not just the kids or dad. Each week plan your meals with the family, on a Saturday/Sunday get yourself to the supermarket and get the goods in.

Planning is half the battle with a healthy lifestyle but you need to make it part of your routine. And the thing is you will feel the benefits of this, you will have more energy, you and your family will be eating better food.

If you need some healthy meal inspiration that the whole family can enjoy, download my free eBook here with over 30 recipes that can be prepared in 20 mins or less.

Next thing is to not feel guilty, me time needs to happen and even if that is scheduling in one yoga class per week. When we schedule it in, we will make it happen rather than just saying you have no time. So, whatever activity helps you relax, shut off from the world, get it scheduled in and MAKE time for it.


Healthy changes

Find one or two things that you can give up or get somebody else to do it. Us women we

love to hog all the tasks, so much so that we do too much. Why don’t you look at some tasks in your life that you don’t necessary need to do? That somebody else could take over, to take the load off you.

Should dad be cleaning the kitchen up after dinner? Should the kids be folding the laundry?

Can someone at work take one of your tasks if you have too many?

Ask for help, there’s no need to be superwomen. Well we are but it’s also nice to distribute some unnecessary tasks that we know other people could do instead.

If we don’t ask, we don’t get help. So often we need to put it out there.

Be kind to yourself, with everything you do. However, know that change is good. Healthy change will always support you. If at the minute you feel that you are at the bottom of the pile, nutritionally, not a minute for yourself, it’s time to make some healthy changes into your lifestyle.

Reflect on the areas that need some work. Know where you are struggling and work from there. You deserve to feel happy, vibrant, energized and have a zest for life but it’s up to you to move towards change.


Anna Wallace is the founder of Anna's Nutrition.  Anna is a Registered Nutritionist and Food Freedom Coach.  She helps women lose weight in a way that doesn’t make them self-destruct and she helps to create lifestyles that last forever!!  Find Anna on Facebook here.

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