Why Every Minute & $ Counts in My Formula

30 January 2016

I do not have a punch the clock kind of job (no matter what preconceived notion you may have about hydro workers :)). There is serious risk of constant overflow from work into the rest of my life. This, my friends, in the name of balance, I will not allow to happen. While I do find fulfillment in my work, the part of me that enjoys my job is not even close to all of who I am, and so why then, would I give more energy to this role I play for my employer than is healthy for me in ALL of my life?

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Should Your Passion Be Your Career?

12 December 2015

This week I went to an event where Kelsey Ramsden was the keynote speaker. She was impressive on many levels – a successful entrepreneur, a cancer survivor, mother of three little kids, and so very real and down to earth. One of the things she said that really resonated with me that I’m still wrapping my mind around was that you don’t necessarily want your passion to be your career. I have heard this before, but then I’ve also often heard that you should follow your passion. So which is it, my logical mind wonders?

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4 Things That Will Make You Value Your Job (Besides the Salary!)

22 August 2015

I spend approximately 25% of my life at work. Since this is such a significant part of my life, my job absolutely has to be part of my life design. In all honesty, designing my work life has been the most difficult element of my life formula (even attempting to express how I’m trying to go about designing this element of my life in this blog has been an effort for me when words typically hit the paper no problem!)

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