Day 3 of My Detox Intensive. I'm Surviving......but this is hard!

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Let me share with you a bit about the beta group I’m in and the detox program that we’re following.  Right now, there are less than 10 people in this beta group and we are being monitored by our naturopath, Dr. Keila Roesner.  This program designed by Dr. Roesner includes 3 protein drinks/day with 15g of protein in each drink.  Mine is pea-protein and I won’t lie, today I debated going hungry at lunch instead of drinking it.  It’s not overly tasty!

There are various other supplements that she recommends throughout the 7 days to ensure we’re receiving proper nutrition.  The only “foods” we are eating include all things green!  Well – not ALL things green (unfortunately green jube-jubes are out!) Think kale, chard, green beans, cucumber, celery etc. and some healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil and olive oil.  Foods can be sautéed, blended and spiced up however we like with salt/pepper, turmeric, and chili flakes etc.  And as a special treat, we can eat pickles and olives as long as we ensure they don’t have garlic or onions added to their juice.  Honestly, pickles and olives are helping me make it through – they are ultra-flavorful compared to the rest of what I’m eating.

As I’m writing this, I’m halfway through day 3 and all joking aside; I have felt pretty good so far.  I’m not running to the bathroom constantly (as some may expect with a detox/cleanse program), the protein drinks may taste gross – but they do keep me feeling full.  I have found I get a slight headache about 5pm each day and I’m totally ready for bed by 9pm.  I believe the purpose of the greens is to help maintain proper nutrition while the body is detoxifying, but also because few people have reactions to greens, so they allow for the detoxifying to happen.

I’ve been posting regularly about how this week is going for me on Facebook and Instagram and I’m getting lots of support – so if you’ve reached out to me or liked a post, thanks you!!! There have been several comments about how hard it must be to do this.  I’m sure some people are thinking “why in the hell would you do that to yourself?!!”  Well – I’ve got a lot of very relevant reasons:

  • My clothes are uncomfortable and I’ve got a stack of awesome jeans in my closet, only one pair of which will fit over my hips at the moment.
  • I’m feeling stuck – like no matter what workout I add or how clean I think I’m eating – nothing is making my pants feel more comfortable.  Either I’m lying to myself about how “good” I’m being so I need to nip that in the bud – or I need to reset and start fresh with this new metabolism in my almost 40 year old body.
  • I did the Whole 30 program about 4 years ago and felt great for so long after that first thirty days and maintaining my health felt almost effortless.  I recall looking at the scale months after the program was done and was surprised to find that I was still losing weight.  I was eating the same and movement was the same, but my body was burning calories up differently.  I want to get back there.
  • My hormones have been all over the map for years now.  This is not an excuse for my weight gain – I promise!  Endometriosis sucks and is painful – but once you find a way to manage the pain, you have to consider how the endometriosis started in the first place.  Based on my reading – it’s an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone and we all know imbalanced hormones lead to so much crazy, right ladies? Emotional crazy and physical crazy. I need this detox to reset those dang hormones in a bad way!
  • I have been an emotional heap for months now.  I can’t seem to recover and get myself back after the shock and stress of my husband’s stage IV cancer diagnosis this spring (which thankfully turned into a stage II diagnosis after surgery and pathology results).  I’m learning that scars scratched on my soul from fear and sadness just don’t go away – even when it appears from the outside that life is going back to normal.  I need to do something to feel like myself again – and this detox could be the refresh I’m seeking.
  • Small shit doesn’t role off my back easily anymore…..I get stuck wasting energy thinking about it and then arguing about it and then fuming when everyone else doesn’t see that I’m right (that’s the touch of crazy I’m talking about girls!)  Pleeeeeease detox – help me back to state of calm!  I hate feeling prickly all the time and I’ve never apologized so much in my life!
  • I know good physical health leads to better emotional health and I remember how great I felt after Whole 30 – the energy I had, the way things tasted better, the patience I felt, the excitement and butterflies at next steps and moving forward in my life – and how all of this just feels more dull when I’m not at my physical best.
  • My confidence soars when I feel good in my jeans!
  • I won’t count points or calories on an ongoing basis. I know this about myself and the accountant in my feels “A-Okay” saying that I don’t particularly like to count! Changes I make need to be lifestyle changes without the counting regime and right now, I need a kick start back to the better habits that I already I know I can sustain but have just let slip for a while.
  • I know my taste buds will reset with an intensely restrictive food regime for a period of time and I’ll remember that not only does real food make me feel my best, but it really does taste good too.

Girls, I could go on and on with the many reasons I have for deciding to battle through this detox and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling many of the things I mention above.  So many of us have been there – we’ve felt good, we looked good, we were glowing in fact!  And then one by one, day by day – old habits slip in, the 80/20 rule gradually gets closer to 50/50, the “its just 5 pounds I need to lose to fit back into these pants” turns into 10lbs and then 20lbs and even more!  I believe it happens to most of us and I’ve been pretty good about not beating myself up about it happening to me. I know that now is my time….I’m ready to do something drastic (like this 7 day detox including copious amounts of pea-protein and green foods galore) as the beginning of my journey back to that glow, inside and out!

Where I need to improve, is not letting myself feel this stuckness for months before I decide to take action!

And ladies, I’m not even being unrealistic and thinking that this is it for life.  Like, I’ll get back into those jeans and then it will never happen again…….  No girls, I can say loud and proud that I like a bun with my burger, a cold beer on the dock, and popcorn at the arena – and I know I can have all of that sometimes and maintain my physique for a while. But I believe this kind of detox/reset is something I perhaps should consider doing annually to ensure old bad habits don’t come back to stay for too long!  An annual detox could become a new element in my formula for health.

I believe when you set out on a journey to change a part of your life formula for whatever reason, you really need to be ready to make some changes.  You have to be making the changes for specific purposes that you believe in, or it will be virtually impossible to effect any change, let alone maintain it.

And if you say you are going to do it – then really do it!  Do it with all of your heart and soul!  Even the scary stuff.  Actually, especially the scary stuff!  And if you take a misstep…..realize its one step amidst a million.  Just make the very next step back on the path you were heading so you don’t travel too far off course (kind of like I did about twenty-pounds ago :)).

I’m going to do this!  All 7 days of yucky pea-protein drinks and more greens that I’ve eaten in months – and when it’s over I’m going to diligently follow the reintroduction plan and will observe how my body feels after each food reintroduction.  I’m on a new journey in a new stage of my formula for health and it’s exciting.  I’m ready, and that feels so good to finally say!


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Also, stay tuned to the blog next week when I’ll share more observations about the program – how I felt throughout my seven days and how life is going after the detox!