Diet Anyone?

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Does anybody else hate the word diet?  I do.  I absolutely hate it!  Why do we try to diet in the first place?  Spend a few weeks or months drastically changing our eating habits so that we can shed a few pounds only to end up going back to the exact same way of eating eventually?  Aren’t we really trying to achieve life-long sustainable eating habits that will help to keep us feeling and looking healthy??  I am embarrassed to say how long it took me, and how many “diets” I tried before I actually understood this concept.  But here I am today with this bit of info to share.

You never have to diet again, but you do have to decide if fueling your body efficiently is a priority for you right now AND you have to set yourself up for success in order to ensure your habit changes stick this time.  I think it’s the second part that truly is the kicker that makes people fall off the healthy eating wagon time and time again.  I mean, planning meals, organizing grocery lists, counting calories, whatever the route to success you choose, it all can get a bit tedious after a while.  Eventually you think, I should be ok now, I can do this without the training wheels.  That’s when many of us tend to crash.

Today’s post is not about HOW you should eat – such an unbelievably personal choice with LOTS of alternatives out there.  That is far too much information to contemplate in one post!  I’m instead going to focus on how to set yourself up for success once you’ve decided the direction you are going and to tell you – those training wheels should just stay there…..for life!  (PS – I do go into greater depth on the various styles of clean eating I’ve tried over the years in my guidebook “Eating Clean(er)” and at the end of the guidebook there’s a step-by-step practical implementation plan to help you brainstorm and contemplate what might be the best choice for you that could stick for life!)

The one thing you must do to ensure your success for lifelong cleaner eating is to plan your meals!

I’m sharing rocket science with you here, I know!  But seriously, everyone starts out with the best intentions in this area when they begin attempting to change their eating habits and eventually this planning element falls too low on the priority list.  Before you know it, you have 45minutes to cook and eat dinner and get out of the house for your kids hockey practice and all that can be prepared and consumed in this amount of time is chicken wings and a frozen pizza thrown into a Tupperware to eat on the road!  With a plan in place, this scenario will happen less often. 

To make a meal plan that you can stick to you must consider first, what else is going on this week around meal time that might interfere with the amount of time I can commit to meal preparation?  What nights this week do we need quick suppers?  These are perfect nights to plan slow cooker dinners or to ensure leftovers are handy from the healthy meal prepared the day before when you had lots of time to chop, sauté and season.  Making a plan that is reasonable based on your lifestyle and other commitments is very important!  And to be 100% honest, in my house reasonable does mean that some nights we order pizza!  I’m talking about eating clean(er), not perfection here.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by attempting to be perfect with the fuel you put in your body.  All or nothing rarely succeeds in this area.

So, are you ready to join me in committing to NEVER dieting again and to taking a new, more deliberate, planned approach to success when it comes to eating clean(er)?  Start designing your own formula in this area, a way of eating that will not just be the next fad diet, but a formula that suits you based on some serious contemplation about what you can and cannot stick with in the long term.  Check out the guidebook section and let’s get formulating!