Feel As If

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I first heard the saying “Act as if……” from a mentor at work.  His advice came from a very rational place. His thought was to act as if I already had the promotion as a way of mentally preparing myself for the time when I was in that top spot.

Recently, I’ve been delving into this idea with more curiosity and am finding that many people believe that this idea “act as if” can help you manifest something you are wishing for.

Act as if you already have what you want as a way to be more open to allowing it into your life.

I’ve been a huge fan of Jess Lively’s podcast, The Lively Show, for a few years now.  Sometimes you find a teacher or a mentor that really resonates with you and that’s Jess for me. She covers the spectrum of logical thought right through to illogical – but somehow always provides examples that allow me to clearly understand even the difficult concepts she is describing.

Lately she’s taken a real interest in understanding the law of attraction. I can honestly say I’m very uneducated when it comes to the law of attraction. I have heard of the movie “The Secret” and know a little bit about the teachings of Abraham Hicks - two extremely “woo-woo” things that I haven’t put much weight into or interest in researching on my own, until I heard Jess talk about them.  She takes woo-woo and looks for the scientific or logical link and that is what draws me to her.  She explains theories in a way that I can relate to and understand (without having to backtrack and listen to them multiple times which I’ve found is the case when I watch You Tube videos of Abraham Hicks teachings or even Eckhart Tolle’s ideas…….) My brain is always looking for the information that explains how those “out-there” concepts would look in the real world.

Needless to say, as I’ve listened to Jess’ recent podcasts on the law of attraction, and her consideration of how to be in alignment as a means of creating a life she loves living, she’s helped me to understand that perhaps the underlying concept where focus should be placed is not to just simply act as if, but to also feel as if.

Let me explain……

The concept of flow or alignment to me was a bit fuzzy until I signed up for Jess’ online course Flow with Intention (note – I am not an affiliate for this course and have truly only listened to the first of eight lessons at the time of writing this post).  The first lesson of the class clarified for me that being in alignment or flow was not a matter of brushing off responsibilities and just “going with the flow” and doing whatever I wanted to do all day long, ultimately never completing the things that needed to be done.  But rather, was the process of creating a feeling of joy that I could carry with me throughout the day and would make doing even the most dreaded, necessary tasks, easier and would attract more of what I wanted into my life.

In her most recent podcast episode, Jess enthusiastically provided the example of an experiment undertaken with a basketball team. She described how the experiment started with breaking the team into 3 test groups.  Baselines were established for each test group in regards to the number of free throws each team could successfully sink.  Then, for thirty days the first group did not practice making free throws at all, the second group physically practiced for a length of time each day, and the third group merely visualized making the free throws for some time each day, but never physically practiced.  At the end of the experiment when they performed the baseline testing again the results showed that group 1 had not improved at all, group 2 (the one that physically practiced each day) improved their shot sinking ratio by 24% and the group that had just visualized the practice improved by 23%! (here’s a link to an article explaining in more detail how the brain works and why the results of this experiment occurred).

Without doing any additional research to prove or disprove the phenomenon resulting from the experiment, I find myself wondering - what if there is something to this? Jess went on to explain in her podcast that it was not just the act of visualizing taking the shot, but the inevitable feeling that would come to those in group 3 when they sunk every single shot in their visions.  What if creating that feeling or emotion was the cause of the physical change that allowed them to actually sink more baskets the next time they did pick up the ball?

This is a pretty “out there” idea for this accountant that likes to follow the rules, and I find my mind constantly wanting to invalidate that there could be any answer so simple to creating the result one is seeking in any given situation.  But, does it really hurt to experiment with this idea?  What if it was as simple as consciously choosing the emotions you want to feel in each moment without waiting for an event to happen to cause a random emotion?  What if this process of consciously creating positive emotions (i.e. alignment or flow) could allow you to attract more into your life that you really want and avoid what you don’t?

Rather than seek theories to negate this thought, I’m allowing myself to feel excited about it (for as little as I understand it) and to continue to learn about it even though it’s anything but logical, or black and white. 

What I do know, however from doing the homework for week 1 from Flow with Intention, is that even without manifesting a single thing, it feels way better to start the day in alignment (or in other words, already “feeling as if” something good had happened), then just going through the motions and reacting with feeling, whatever that feeling may be, to events that occur through the day.

I know this is not a typical “how to”, practical advice kind of post, but it’s quite an intriguing concept and could be a total formula changer if I can figure out how to consistently apply it into my life (which feels like it could take a total brain re-wire at this point!)  As I explore this idea further for myself, I’d encourage that if this is interesting to you as well, perhaps you could experiment with how life plays out when you start your day by creating the emotion you want to feel instead of simply letting the day happen to you.  Get up a bit earlier and start your day with all of your favourite, indulgent things. Try it on for a while and see how it feels! This experiment really has no down side, so why not, right?


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