How to Own Your Time By Authentically Saying No

9 July 2015

When my long-time, dear friend Kelly asked me if I wanted to provide a blog piece about something in my life that I have learned that could potentially resonate with other women living a similarly busy life, I have to say I was truly honoured. Having been affected many times in a positive way by what might seem like the tiniest expression, saying or quote, I have quickly realized the importance of putting things on paper; simple words have often been gifts to me sent just at the right time, when I needed them most.

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Realizing That I Do Have a Choice

5 July 2015

Hey everyone – I am Lori… and I am a procrastinator. Kelly tells me I need to get this done for today though – so now that the pressure is on, maybe this will come to me more easily!

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Mortimer Writes

27 June 2015

I have many labels. I am a mother and a wife. I’m a business advisor by day and romance writer by night and on weekends. Filling in the cracks would be my occasional travel agent transaction, but admittedly, those are mainly trips booked for myself. I am a daughter to aging parents and worried about how I can squeeze more time with them into my life. I am a volunteer and a taxi service. I am learning to be a hockey mom and I guess I’m a musician too.

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