Will You Be the Next Blogger for YFFL?

21 November 2015

This week I started planning for the 2016 Your Formula for Life guest blog program. I really want to get a list of 52 fabulous ladies down on paper so I can move away from planning and back to focusing on production!

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The Richness of Life Comes from the Small Things

13 November 2015

When I consider my life and why it generally feels so rich and satisfying, I come back to simple principles: Enjoy the moment. Be grateful for what is. Don’t yearn for what could/would/should be. And don’t spend a lot of energy caring about what people think.

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My Imperfectly Perfect Life

5 November 2015

When Kelly first asked me to be a guest blogger for Your Formula For Life a few thoughts ran through my head. First, “Whoo-freakin’-hoo, Kelly must think I have my sh*t together”! (hee hee); second, “LOL!” and third, “OMG, now what!?” I am definitely not what I would consider to be an organized person, but somehow I do manage my life. Now, how do I manage my life?? Hmmm, this is not an easy topic to clearly articulate in a blog post! You see, I'm currently sitting on a bus filled with 11 year old boys, who just played a hockey game in Hamilton, have obviously snuck far too many Halloween treats into their pockets without their parents/coaches knowing and are on a loud high from winning their game. This is a glimpse into my everyday life….. But, alas, I have an hour and a bit to write this blog, and this, my friends, is how I manage my time, *wink, wink*!

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My Indicators of Happiness

31 October 2015

I have never felt comfortable defining my personal aspirations in great detail. As a professional, I actually felt guilty when someone asked me where I wanted to be in five or ten years and I didn’t have a specific answer. I no longer feel this pressure because I eventually realized what truly motivates me and makes me happy.

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Changing the Way I Look At the World

24 October 2015

When Claire was born, as all of you mamas know, my whole life changed in an instant. For a long while I was just coping with the lack of sleep, the demands of this perfect little person who needed me 24/7, and an unfortunate case of postpartum depression. It was a very challenging time for me. I had to get a handle on my life again and reflect on who I was now, not just as Shannon but as a mom.

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Embracing a Fresh Start and Reassessing My Priorities

17 October 2015

It turns out that I have many ideas of things I want to do both on a regular basis and as special events….and all things that do not relate to work! Don’t get me wrong – I have not found a perfect work-life balance and I don’t think I ever will 100% of the time. I do still find it stressful to put my work down when there is more that I feel should be done, even when the list of things that should be done in a given time period isn’t reasonable. Just like most people at my stage of life, I still have a long to do list at work and at home, I’m still tired, I still feel too busy and I still believe that there has to be better way to handle daily life. I’m just doing better at it than I ever have before.

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Live Every Moment Fully

9 October 2015

My motto today that helps me get through painful situations and face fearful situations is to “Live Every Moment Fully.” In alignment with this motto is the formula that keeps my life, emotions and physical well-being in balance. Every moment you have a choice.

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What Climbing To The Top Looks Like

1 October 2015

Never did I imagine I would be sitting down on a Friday night to write a blog post, and to boot, I never imagined it would be for a guest blogger spot! My inclination when Kelly's first request came through was that I'm no blogger so I certainly can't be someone's guest at it!

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My Path to Prosperity: Plan for Tomorrow Yesterday!

26 September 2015

Our family mantra is simple and direct: ”Your life is exactly the way you want it to be!” I hope you aren’t offended by my bluntness, but there you have it. When my husband and I got engaged 15 years ago, we sat down and discussed what we wanted out of our soon-to-be life together. We thought about the specific things that would make us happiest. We decided we wanted a home, a child, a cottage on the lake and to retire at 50!

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