If You Want Something Done, Ask A Busy Person

17 September 2015

When Kelly asked me to contribute to her blog series I thought it would be a fantastic way for me to really sit down and think about how I manage my day-to-day life and to evaluate what I do that works for me and what I do that does not. I want to thank Kelly because this reflection has been a true gift to me this summer.

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What We Have Kept From Our Mothers

12 September 2015

What have I been up to? Well ... something that really wasn't on the creative radar. I switched from working with my hands to working with my finger tips. And what came out of it? A book. A pretty fabulous book, if I do say so myself. Stories of our mothers by myself and 24 friends. It will be launched to the public on September 10th!

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Lessons Learned on the Farm Made Me This Way!

5 September 2015

When Kelly first asked me if I’d write a guest-blog for Your Formula For Life, I admit that I did not immediately commit to doing so. Having never written anything like this before and having not often taken the time to sit back and look at my life in this way, made this more of a challenge than I originally anticipated it might be. I actually wrote two full blogs, both on entirely different topics, before deciding on the direction that I was going to take! Then I stumbled across a blog post from an acquaintance that reminded me that this is an opportunity that has been presented to me to take a few moments to step back and mindfully observe and reflect upon my own personal life journey and what works for me and my family.

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How Being Selfish Can Actually Make You Happier

26 August 2015

As my twitter profile reads, I am a ‘wanna be’ writer…among many other ‘wanna be’ things. My obituary would begin something like this: Lori McCabe was a loyal (sometimes grumpy) wife, mother of three (not the helicopter kind), daughter and sister (we could have a reality TV show), friend, international host-mom, teacher (of hormonally charged pre-teens), occasional blog writer, volleyball player, owner of two dogs and a cat (foolishly purchased for daughter on her 5th birthday) and she was a little bit selfish.

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How to Know When Your Formula Is No Longer Working In Your Life

22 August 2015

As I was talking to my best friend last week, I began to think more in depth about the whole concept of a formula or a design for my life. In that discussion I confided in her that over the last little while I’ve been taking stock of what my own formula is by knowing where I have things together in my life and also where I don’t.

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Don't Resist Chances, Take Them Like Vitamins!

15 August 2015

When Kelly invited me to be a guest blogger for her site, Your Formula for Life, I was delighted! Kelly’s insightful website and Facebook posts are motivating and I greatly enjoy following her blog, however, I am not at all sure I belong here. In fact, my reply to her invitation was “I am not sure I have anything insightful to share. My formula for living consists of copious amounts of coffee, minimal sleep and flying by the seat of my pants, probably not what you’re looking for!”

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Following My Curiosity

8 August 2015

I have been working as a Pilates instructor since 2005 and a Pilates instructor trainer since 2007. Looking back over the last 12 years I realize how much I have accomplished. I remember going through the training in 2004/2005, life was good. I enjoyed the group of people I was working with, I embraced what I was learning and I was excited about the future. It didn’t seem like work because I loved what I was doing.

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5 Steps to Harnessing the Power in Willpower

1 August 2015

Ever found yourself disappointed or angry because you did the very thing you’ve been trying to quit? Or you can’t seem to stick with something you know is good for you? You aren’t alone in this. I, for one, have had some very stern conversations with me regarding my bad behaviour.

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Be True to You to Improve Your Formula

19 July 2015

Fundamental? Definitely. Simple? Not at all. At least, not for me. I’m in the very early stages of my fifth decade – shudder – and am just starting to honour my true self as I make decisions about both personal and professional matters. Perhaps this is wisdom that can only come with age. I do feel I’m late to the game, but so glad I’ve arrived at all.

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