The Best Advice I Ever Got From My Kids

3 May 2017

Sometimes the truth escapes their innocent mouths and hits me hard – as if knocking the sense into me. There are a few things my children have said lately that have really resonated with me and I have actually taken their advice!

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The Four Crucial Elements of My Formula

17 April 2017

For me, success in motherhood isn’t just about staying organized, being proactive, having a meal prep day, scheduling in date nights and keeping my cup full. While all of those are crucial elements to my formula, there is so much more to my formula for life.

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My Kind of Chaos

8 April 2017

Being an entrepreneur has been the most terrifying and exciting decision I’ve ever made. Like many people who are willing to venture into the world of self-employment, I had to overcome the fear of the unknown. Would my business be something people seek? How would I pay my bills? Would people want to hire me?

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My Formula for a Calm and Successful Return to Work From Maternity Leave

4 April 2017

Perhaps it’s because new working mamas are simply exhausted and don’t have time to create resources. Or maybe it’s because there’s still some cultural resistance to mothers being in the workplace. Whatever the reason, when I became a new working mom, I was somewhat shocked at the lack of resources available on how to plan and navigate a return from maternity leave.

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Take Back Your Day

3 April 2017

Are you in a place where each day looks like a chaotic mess? You have fallen into a routine of the same frantic response to your calendar, rushing from one thing to the next. Exhausted. Uninspired. You’re ready for something different.

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The Best Kind of Busy

1 April 2017

One realization I have had in looking over how I live my life is that it is important for me that my formula is fluid- but yet not so fluid that I fall off track and land myself in a rut that I can’t seem to break out of.

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Stuck In A Rut

20 March 2017

So anyway, while I have been moping around in a haze of germs feeling sorry for myself, I started thinking about some of the decisions I make for my life every day. I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the couch due to illness – and I have basic cable… so that leaves lots of time to think about my life in general. I have discovered that I’m exceptional at thinking about doing things, but terrible at actually doing them.

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It’s 11 O’clock. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

17 March 2017

If you’re a Gen Xer or Baby Boomer, you remember this familiar query from late-night Eyewitness Newscast intros. While the sentiment is not completely antiquated, often times we know where our children are these days. They’re in their rooms, of course. But the bigger issue today is knowing where they are online.

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Changing Your Spots

9 March 2017

I was definitely a self-professed, Type-A personality…or at least I proudly wore the badge. Everything had it’s time, place and order. I felt that things didn’t get done unless I had a hand in it and then resented those around me when I felt I was left to do all the work.

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