How to Define Your Fitness "What" & " When"

15 August 2015

Does fitness feel like that thing you SHOULD be doing, but that you inevitably find a reason not to do? I’m a fitness video junkie, I’ll admit it. My collection is almost embarrassing (and the fact that I recycle and give away videos as soon as I’ve determined they don’t meet my rather stringent criteria, or I get bored with them, means the rather extensive library remaining is all the more shameful!)

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Diet Anyone?

1 July 2015

Does anybody else hate the word diet? I do. I absolutely hate it! Why do we try to diet in the first place? Spend a few weeks or months drastically changing our eating habits so that we can shed a few pounds only to end up going back to the exact same way of eating eventually? Aren’t we really trying to achieve life-long sustainable eating habits that will help to keep us feeling and looking healthy??

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