What's Your One Thing?

15 October 2016

It makes such total sense to place your focus on one thing, just one small thing to help move you in the direction you want to go.

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Day 3 of My Detox Intensive. I'm Surviving......but this is hard!

30 September 2016

I’ve been posting regularly about how this week is going for me on Facebook and Instagram and I’m getting lots of support – so if you’ve reached out to me or liked a post, thanks you!!! There have been several comments about how hard it must be to do this. I’m sure some people are thinking “why in the hell would you do that to yourself?!!” Well – I’ve got a lot of very relevant reasons:

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Insanely Useful Hydration Tips

21 September 2016

• If your pee is too yellow, you are dehydrated • If you actually feel thirsty, you are dehydrated • You should drink 8 cups of water each day • You should hydrate more if you exercise vigorously • Proper hydration helps with your skin fascia • Proper hydration allows for better physical performance • Proper hydration increases focus • A big glass of lemon water in the morning cleanses your system after a night of fasting • An average body is 60% water

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Belly Fat

9 August 2016

For the first time in my almost 40 years, I’ve got a spare tire! I know, cry me a river right? We all have our body woes, but over the years my flat belly has actually provided me some sense of relief and pride. While my oh-so-practical child bearing hips did help me wiz through the delivery of my two children, finding pants to fit them along with my thunder thighs is often a challenge. To top this off, my larger bottom is most certainly exaggerated due to the less than abundant top I’ve also been blessed with.

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How Do You Find Your Formula Mojo?

16 March 2016

I’m supposed to write a blog today. It’s a good time to knock off a few hundred words on my thoughts about how I’m living life these days because I have the day off of work and a little bit of time to myself. What’s coming to mind for me right now is that I just want you all to know that sometimes I forget things, misplace things, run late, and let my house go, feel overwhelmed, or feel like I’m just going through the motions. Because I tend to write more about the things that do work in my own personal formula, it doesn’t mean that I stick to it all the time or that I don’t just have days where I say “screw it!” I just want to lounge for a while and be brainless and completely unproductive. It happens. I swear!

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Learning to Love Yoga

15 February 2016

I’ve never been a very stretchy person. That’s why I’m finding it a bit absurd that my new morning routine typically includes 30 minutes of yoga…..and I actually look forward to it! I strongly believe that you need to love whatever you do for movement in your life, or you won’t prioritize it so that it becomes a part of your day that you aren’t willing to sacrifice. That’s why when I veer away from what I know I love (fitness videos with good music or challenging choreography) in attempt to add variety to my fitness routine, I generally give it a 30 day solid try before I decide if this new activity is going to stick.

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Meal Plan Flops!

13 November 2015

Today’s post is an example of trying your best in the meal planning department – but rolling with the punches some weeks and being happy that every night wasn’t frozen pizza and chicken wings!

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What's a Girl To Do When Only 2 Pairs of Pants Still Fit?

9 October 2015

I give my pants a 15 pound stretch range and this is based on how tight I’m willing to wear them out in public, or how long I’ll let them sag before I splurge on something new that’s more flattering. Let’s be honest, it’s way more fun to go out shopping for new pants when you are in the “saggy pant butt” category vs. the “you can see my underwear line no matter what style of undies I have on because my pants are so tight” category.

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Is It So Wrong To Indulge Every Once In a While?

6 September 2015

When does the feeling arise that I need to reset some of my habits pertaining to my overall health? Honestly, I do get this urge in January. Partly, I’m sure because of the feeling that a new year can mean a fresh start, but also partly because the Christmas season tends to include more time out of routine, more treats and generally more social functions where alcohol is consumed.

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