Insanely Useful Hydration Tips

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It’s the small, simple things that lead to success right?  But man, can those small things be really hard to make stick in everyday life!  Today, in my attempt to be insanely useful to you on your journey to developing your own unique formula for living well – I want to talk about hydration.  Yep… entire blog on drinking water….

  • If your pee is too yellow, you are dehydrated
  • If you actually feel thirsty, you are dehydrated
  • You should drink 8 cups of water each day
  • You should hydrate more if you exercise vigorously
  • Proper hydration helps with your skin fascia
  • Proper hydration allows for better physical performance
  • Proper hydration increases focus
  • A big glass of lemon water in the morning cleanses your system after a night of fasting
  • An average body is 60% water

I could go on, but the point is I bet you were aware of the truth in most of the points on this list.  Can I ask you then – did you drink enough water today?  I’m not asking out of judgement – but out of curiosity.  You see, this super, simple step towards overall wellness has been a stumbling block for me for quite some time.  I cannot seem to find my formula for proper hydration!

It’s not that I don’t like water.  In fact, I actually drink little else.  I cut out pop years ago, have recently stopped drinking coffee, have never been much of a milk drinker and just can’t seem to justify the calories or sugar in juice – so avoid that as well.  99% of the time – I hydrate with plain old water, but simply not enough each and every day.

In prior attempts to drink enough water I’ve downloaded an app to track my glasses of water consumed in a day…..but that little countdown icon on my phone screen simply was not motivation enough to keep sipping regularly throughout the day.  Inevitably I’d check my phone before bed only to see I was four glasses short of my goal that day and I could guzzle copious amounts of water to check that off my list of things I wanted to accomplish that day and risk being up multiple times in the night to pee, or I could resign myself to trying again the next day.

I also placed a fancy water bottle on my desk at work and promised myself I would finish at least two full bottles each day for adequate hydration for my body size.  But, consistently I rarely finished one bottle in a day let alone two.

I've even gone so far as to fill a giant container of the water I would like to consume in the day and leave it sitting on the counter as a visual reminder of just where I'm at with my daily hydration goal.

So, here I am, mid-month of my mini-new year where I’ve promised to re-wire my brain when it comes to fueling my body (see last weeks’ blog to catch up on my mini-new year promises to self) and I’ve decided it’s time to put my focus back on consuming sufficient water daily.  But this time rather than simply focusing on consuming enough water, I’m determined to find the perfect formula for me to make sufficient water consumption a habit that sticks!

If I consider other elements of my formula for living well, I can see that what really works well for me is to break the whole up into little, more manageable parts.  Perhaps I wasn’t really thinking of my water consumption in the right way in the past and that’s why I have yet to find success at making it a regular part of my life.

Based on an average day for me, could I find a series of time slots after a regular activity that I do most days where I could consume a large glass of water?  I am looking to establish a habit after all – something that will stick, just like taking my supplements after breakfast each morning.  With all of this in mind, this is the formula for proper hydration that I came up with:

  1. A large glass of water after my workout each morning
  2. A large glass of water after breakfast when I’m taking my supplements
  3. A large glass of water after my lunch
  4. A large glass of water after my supper

Super, unbelievably simple…..but it has worked for an entire week now!  I did not have to sip it, I could basically chug my water and stop thinking about it until the next meal.  OMG – could this be it?  Could this be my formula for proper hydration?  Is it possible that after all of these years, I can establish this simple habit and make it stick?  We shall see….but for now, I’m running with it.

Weekends are a bit rocky with more erratic meal times – but it’s simple to apply this formula when eating out or when at a friend’s place for a meal.  There is water everywhere and I just had to simplify my formula so I didn’t feel like I needed to be sipping it all day and constantly carrying around a water bottle.

This post might be less about actual hydration (although I’m sure you have days, weeks, months or years when you don’t  get as much water consumed as you know you should), but perhaps a lesson in taking a simple habit, and creating your own formula around it so that it has a better chance to stick in your life.  If you are a sipper versus a chugger, then by all means – stick to a formula that works for you, but if you are struggling with getting a habit to stay with you daily, maybe it’s time to shift your focus.

This advice is all insanely simple, but sometimes it’s the small, simple stuff that makes the most impact!  So please share in the comments below your own super, simple formula for proper hydration.