Is it a recipe or a formula?

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Since the inception of YFFL in June of 2015, I’ve heard over and over again that some ladies simply do not have a formula.  Hmmmm… do you get through your day?  There must be some things you do just because they work for you. Isn’t this part of your formula for living?

Perhaps it’s the word formula that people get hung up on.  I mean A+B=C seems to insinuate that your formula can’t change.  Perhaps if you considered it more of a formulation or a recipe that can be tweaked and improved upon or just outright changed at any moment in time should you decide one ingredient is no longer working for you, the idea of having a formula for living that’s specific to you would be easier to digest.

Let me give you a simple, straightforward example of an element of my formula that has recently changed.  Housework generally hits pretty low on my priority list and is the first thing to go when things get hectic.  Housework is, however, a responsibility in my life as a homeowner. One of the tasks that falls completely in my realm of responsibility is the laundry.

I don’t mind gathering the dirty laundry, sorting it into various loads, putting it in the washer and dryer and even folding it. But the part of the job that requires me to sort the folded laundry into piles for the various people that live in my home and return it to their rooms, has somehow become part of the task that I loathe.

My formula in this area, since children came into our life and home, has been to keep my head above water in the laundry department by endeavouring to do at least one load of laundry per day.  Typically, I try to throw a load into the washer in the morning before work, and then in the evening after work I fold what’s in the dryer and put that morning’s load from the washer in to dry.  This system has generally been working for me, except for the part where three heaping laundry baskets of folded clothes inevitably still sit on my bedroom floor on a Sunday evening needing to be sorted and put away before the start of the next week.

While three heaping baskets of clothes in my bedroom is an annoyance, the most irritating reason that I recently began considering a new formula for our laundry was that miraculously each week, at some point, I’d notice that all of the baskets had been rooted through by small fingers looking for their favourite sweater or pair of pants! These little beings, searching for their loved items, had complete disregard for the amount of time I’d taken to carefully fold each individual article of clothing in those baskets in the hopes of minimizing their wrinkledge during transport of the basket from laundry room to dresser drawer or closet.

This week I broke when it appeared that an entire basket of mostly my own clean clothes (of course!) had been left in such a state of disarray by prying little hands that it was possible I would have to either wash the entire basket of clothes again or iron a large majority of the items in the basket before I could wear them!  I’m sorry folks, but ironing items that should not need to be ironed is where I draw the line!  I decided that something in my laundry formula had to change!

The solution that was decided upon and approved by me and me only is this:  separate laundry baskets set up in the laundry room for each person in the house.  The clothes will be folded and sorted by me on the spot when they come out of the dryer.  But it will now be the responsibility of the owner of those clothes to carry their basket to their room and put away all of their belongings and then return their basket back to the laundry room for the next batch of clean clothes.  This solution, I’m hoping, will eliminate the unnecessary wrinkling of my own clothing because they most certainly should not be rooting through my basket of clean things anymore!

Added benefit, ultimately it puts the onus on them to ensure that their own clothes find their way back into their dresser and only they will be inconvenienced if they do not regularly do this chore of shuttling their clean clothes from the laundry room to their dresser (i.e. when they notice they have NOTHING to wear because it’s all folded neatly in a basket……. in the laundry room……. waaaaaay down in the basement!)

Such a small tweak to my overall formula, but one that I anticipate will relieve much of my frustration!  My husband is not overly fond of the idea of all of the laundry baskets littering the floor in the laundry room.  He claims that he regularly sorts all of the clean clothes and puts them away as soon as the baskets appear in our bedroom, so he’s not sure where my issues are coming from.  Obviously his definition of “regularly” and mine are not quite equivalent and since his contribution to the completion of this household task is minimal in my opinion, I overruled!

So there you have it folks, a live practical example of me tweaking my formula when I identified that something just wasn’t working anymore.  Looking at your formula for living as a whole might seem overwhelming. So just consider some of the small pieces of the overall formula that could make your life run more smoothly.  Hammer out some systems for those responsibilities and start reaping the benefit of less frustration and more time for fun!


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