Is It So Wrong To Indulge Every Once In a While?

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When does the feeling arise that I need to reset some of my habits pertaining to my overall health?  Honestly, I do get this urge in January.  Partly, I’m sure because of the feeling that a new year can mean a fresh start, but also partly because the Christmas season tends to include more time out of routine, more treats and generally more social functions where alcohol is consumed.

I also feel the need to refresh and get back to my ‘normal’ habits in September.  The kid’s summer holidays are over and they are getting back into their school and fall activities, which means we need to establish more consistent routines to be able to manage a schedule that’s more demanding then the summer months.  Summer vacation poses many opportunities to indulge in foods that are not generally on the menu, more social outings leading to more alcohol consumption, and staying up way past my bedtime!

I know there are many many online courses out there aiming to teach people how to avoid these ups and downs in the implementation of their healthy habits and I agree.  I know I do not have to let Christmas festivities and summer vacations throw me off course when it comes to sticking to healthy habits.  But if I feel these few short indulgences over the course of a year are worth it, and I know I will have an honest drive to reset my habits once they are over and we’re getting back to our normal day to day, is it completely harmful to my health to just indulge and get back on track later?

Here’s what I believe are the two more important factors when you are going to indulge:

  • Can you allow it to happen and enjoy the indulgence while it’s happening and eliminate any guilt that may come afterwards (if not, I’m thinking the “treat” isn’t giving the emotional pick me up you were seeking!)
  • Can you absolutely reset your healthy habits once the indulgence period is over (i.e. it doesn’t turn into a downward spiral that you can’t stop and the unhealthy habits stick with you for months after you allow yourself that first indulgence?)

You should probably also consider the frequency of the indulgence.  Many people struggle with working hard all week at their health, and failing miserably with healthy habits on the weekend.  This is a problem in and of itself and will absolutely be the topic of another blog post.

If you said yes to both bullets above – you are indulging with the best of us!  Being present enough to enjoy the indulgence while it’s happening, but aware enough to know when it’s become lifestyle versus just an occasional pick me up is essential to your ability to know when the time is right for you to reset your healthy habits.

So, here I am a day before the kids go back to school, finishing up our last long weekend at the lake filled with burgers, s’mores and wine, and I want to tell you – I’M READY!  It’s go time baby!  Tuesday I will start my refresh and get back to healthy habits that I know keep me feeling my best.

I do have an aversion however to the proverbial ‘diving right in’.  I like to take any challenge, change in routine or attempt at refreshing habits, and break it down into small manageable tasks that I can focus on individually over a period of time until I’m back to where I want to be, almost without even realizing how I got there because of the ease with which I implemented the changes.

I know, it sounds too good to be true!  But that’s the way I roll – baby steps back to core healthy habits.

With that in mind, while I had two full weeks of indulgent vacation time in August, I started planning my healthy habit refresh for September.  Let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed my s’more and glass of wine while listing the healthy habits I needed to get back to as soon as routine was once again required!  (see bullet #1 above – being present and enjoying the indulgence is essential, or just don’t even bother!)

I’m really really excited to get started with the healthy habit refresh because I know how good I can feel when each of the habits I’m about to focus on are all clicking and working together.  The challenges I came up with are not rocket science. We hear about them every single day from multiple sources – get more rest, eat clean, exercise, quiet your mind.  It’s all fine and dandy to have these suggestions blasted at us from multiple different angles, but if we can only master one of them, it’s been proven – one leg on the stool is not good enough!

The key is to be able to consistently make healthy choices in all of these areas and that’s where some of us tend to struggle.  Our focus can’t be split that many times and see success in all of those areas of health, all the time.

So the program I have designed allows me to focus on one small change for several days before I layer in another challenge to focus on. This approach really works!  A focus on small, simple challenges can reset my habits back to where I know they should be and I’ll be feeling great.

Here’s one other reason why I’m so excited about this particular reset that I’m ramping up for.  I’m ready to share the program with all of you!  I’ve created a free, four week, 12 challenge email series that can be distributed to anyone ready to reset their healthy habits.  All you have to do is click the link below to sign up.  Enter your name and email address and wait for your first email to arrive in your inbox so you can get started on resetting your healthy habits!

This absolutely isn’t for everyone.  I mean, if you rarely fall off course with your healthy habits for more than a day or so, and you can’t imagine spending 4 weeks layering simple health advice into your life because you are a ‘dive right in’ type, it’s completely ok that this program may not be for you.  But if you have indulged a tad more than that over the summer, and you are starting to feel a bit sluggish and are looking for something to help to ease you back into the routine that comes with September, this is the program for you!

The challenges do focus on what I call the 4 legs of the stool – sleep, nutrition, fitness, and emotional health.  Once by one, I’ll email you a new challenge to focus on for several days and challenge by challenge you’ll get back to the healthy habits you already know, but just need to implement again into everyday life!

Are you ready to get started with me?  Alrighty then, click this link to sign up and let’s tip toe our way back to healthy habits!