Keeping Balance When Creativity is Both My Passion and My Business

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Guest post by Jo Garlike

Finding balance when you work for yourself and juggle wanting to grow your business, keeping up with the marketing, a family home and the noise of social media is something that I am always working on. I’m not sure I always get it right and at times I know the balance is out of kilter, especially on a day to day basis. I have learned to accept that within my business as a wedding photographer there are moments of peaks and troughs, feasts and famines, all or nothing, which does mean that I have to think of balance in terms of months and seasons as opposed to daily.

Here are 4 main areas that I review once a year to keep a check on how I am feeling, the balance in my life and you could say my ‘formula for life’ as a creative business owner.


Bringing in a creative job that is intense, busy and demanding emotionally, physically and creatively, can feel as though you are giving everything you have from early Spring until late Autumn. I find it’s good to stretch that creative muscle and do projects just for fun. Something that replenishes the creative energy again. I will either pursue a project for passion as opposed to profit or take myself on a creative date once a week. I often don’t find time for ‘creative dates’ during the wedding season but I make sure during the quieter times I set aside time for this.

Some creative dates I enjoy are walks on the beach, a lone trip to the cinema, a wander round a National Trust Garden. However, what is most important is that it is just me so that I can think of it as a date with creativity. I ask myself – “What did you love doing before you owned a business? Could you bring some of that back in to your life to keep your creativity alive?”


In order to do the above, I have to set myself boundaries. As the business has progressed you often learn by your mistakes. During year 3 of my business, I was a stressed, burnt out mess and I realized I never ever wanted to feel like this again. All the enjoyment had been sucked out of the creativity and being a self-employed business owner. After lots of tears and sleepless nights, I had to sit down and create some boundaries for me and my business – I created a list of things that were non-negotiable. I asked myself what did I feel like I was missing out on by working these many hours and what did I no longer enjoy doing?

As a result, I created boundaries around not working on a Sunday, not working the evening before a wedding, never working Christmas Eve, I decided on times I would stop work each day and the importance of holidays and occasional weekends off during the summer. Something I realized was that for every yes I said in my business I was saying no to something else and I needed to consider if that was worth it. If you need to set some boundaries I propose you ask yourself what do you feel you are missing out on? What needs to change?


This is a hard one if you are a sole trader and I truly understand that it is so hard to say ‘No’ to an income. I fell in to the trap of being responsible for everything – before if had to take time away from work, my business would come to a standstill. I was too afraid to invest in support as I valued needing to earn enough money as opposed to valuing my time. I am still guilty of this from time to time but then going back to the boundaries I’ve set for myself, I realize that if I feel like I am missing out, something has to change.  Something I ask myself often is ‘Am I working in my business today or on my business today?’. If I had more time to work on my business, my income could be higher and then I can outsource, instead sometimes we can fall in to the trap of working in our business to meet deadlines. I need to remind myself sometimes that that is not what I left employment and moved to self-employment for.


Once a year, I look at my workflow and the systems I use to make the work flow. I consider if I’m doing anything more than once - certain email responses, resizing images for a blog post, uploading to social media, client galleries, basic stage editing. Then I think through how I can make these tasks simpler. Could I use a template that I slightly adapt? Is there a program out there that could do the simple tasks like resizing images quickly?

A helpful tip I follow is to use post-it notes along a wall to mark out every step of a workflow from beginning to end to highlight any of these areas where I’m repeating work.

At a high level, if you were to take some time at least once a year (but as often as you like really) to ask yourself these questions and consider your responses – you would have the insight you need to potentially shift your goals and change your focus/perception of how work is balancing with the rest of your life.

  1. Have I planned anything creative for myself to do at the moment?
  2. If not, what did I love to do before I owned my business? How can I bring this in to my life more? How much time realistically can I give myself to do something for passion? (Remember it might be seasonal as opposed to weekly - every business and self is different)
  3. What do I feel I have missed out on due to my workloads this year? If I have missed out on anything, what are the 3 most important things I would like to make time for?
  4. What boundaries can I give myself that are non-negotiable to achieve this?
  5.  If I got sick, would my business come to a standstill or would it be able to continue?
  6. Is there anything I can outsource to give me more time to work on my business?
  7. On an average week how many hours / days am I working on the business in comparison to working in the business?
  8. Breaking down my current workflow, are there any repetitive tasks that I am doing more than once?
  9. Could I create a system/template/use a program for these repetitive tasks?


Jo is the founder and owner of Summer Love Photography. A Family and Wedding Photographer based on the Norfolk, Lincolnshire Cambridgeshire borders in the UK, covering all of the UK and further afield. She is a country girl at heart with a love for big skies, her garden, long walks, sunshine, travel adventures and journaling. There is nothing more she enjoys than documenting real life, stories and people.

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