Meal Plan Flops!

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Today’s post is an example of trying your best  in the meal planning department, but rolling with the punches some weeks and being happy that every night wasn’t frozen pizza and chicken wings!

The Meal Plan vs. the Actual Meals this Week

Saturday Plan – Roasted chicken with roasted beets and shallots seasoned in balsamic vinegar and sea salt.

Saturday Actual – Checky box!  Super yummy!

Sunday Plan – Slow cooker pork roast cooked in diced tomatoes, fresh basil, marjoram and black pepper.

Sunday Actual – Checky box again!  This meant plenty of lunch leftovers for Todd and me this week that were tasty, already paid for, and healthy!

Monday Plan – Tilapia fillets.

Monday Actual – Ooops!  A text to Todd at 10am saying I’m sorry but I forgot to get the fish out of the freezer so when he gets home from work he should get it out right away so he can make it for supper. Instead they decided to go to the public skating rink for a few hours and came home and made chicken fingers.  They left me one which I ate cold when I got home at 9pm after a late night at work, followed by a handful of organic dark chocolate covered almonds.

Tuesday Plan – BBQ’d chicken thighs.

Tuesday Actual – The Tilapia they didn’t make on Monday.  I again was working late (this is how quarter-end goes for an accountant folks) – and rolled in around 8:45pm and skipped the fish and just grabbed the chocolate covered almonds for my supper.

Wednesday Plan – Leftovers because Zach has 5pm hockey practice on Wednesdays – so making dinner is pretty impossible.

Wednesday Actual – Well, no leftovers since they ate all the fish and didn’t make the 12 chicken thighs I had planned for Tuesday, so they went to Todd’s mom’s for supper.  I made myself some chicken quickly when I got home after another later night at the office.

Thursday Plan – Smoked pork chops with sweet potatoes and green beans.  There’s time to cook on Thursdays because hockey practice doesn’t start until 6:30.

Thursday Actual – Forgot it was a PA day for the kids when I was making the plan.  Kids spent the day with my mom and dad, and they invited us out for supper after work – Boston Pizza and the crispy pecan chicken salad for me BUT – grilled chicken vs. crispy, vinaigrette dressing instead of ranch, and hold the cheese!  These choices take one of their higher calorie salads and make it better (and if I ask the wait staff politely with a smile – they are always willing to accommodate).

Friday Plan – Homemade burgers, Julia’s favourite and her hockey practice is cancelled this week so I should have time to make them after work!

Friday Actual - Change of plans, a visit with my new niece after school and just heading home around 6pm so no time to make burgers tonight. Chicken wings it is!

My brilliant idea for this week’s behind the scenes post was to let you in on our real life meal plan and how it plays out.  My intention truly was to show that making a plan allows you to eat cleaner most of the time, even if you can’t follow the plan perfectly every week.  This week however,  was abnormally chaotic.  But this is life!  Abnormally chaotic weeks do come up and we did our best (and sometimes at 9:00pm you just don’t feel like a real supper and dark chocolate covered almonds is really all you want before you crash into bed and that’s ok!)  We did manage 3 out of the 7 planned healthier options and you know what, anything is better than nothing!  We will give it another shot next week and once again, with the best intentions we will just roll with the punches and see what the week brings!

Happy meal planning!