To Hell With The Hustle

12 December 2016

I once believed anything worth having had to be very hard to get. The battle to get to the top of the mountain was as essential as being at the top, no matter if I really wanted to be climbing that particular mountain or not. I could put my head down and plow through any hateful task, finish it, and do it well. It was in me to reach my goal, even if I’d given very little thought as to whether or not I was gunning for it for the right reasons in the first place

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Insanely Useful

10 September 2016

I want to continue up the corporate ladder, I want to be involved in my children’s lives, I want to volunteer for organizations I believe in, I want to have an awesome relationship with my husband, I want to have a neat and tidy home, I want time with a network of ladies that are so freakin awesome I feel grateful to have them in my life, I want to pursue passion projects and I want downtime…..lots of it! Accepting that I can’t have it all is so depressing and just not in my DNA!

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Manipulating Expenses

14 June 2016

This is not a blog about an accountant gone bad! This is a blog by an accountant who is going to openly admit, I do not follow all of the personal finance advice that most experts in the field recommend. Today, I will share with you that my husband and I do not have an emergency fund. I take the blame for this as the person responsible for managing our finances. This is not an oversight though, but rather an immature belief that we could bounce back from a financial misstep, no matter what the magnitude of the set back was.

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When Blowing Off Responsibility is Okay

26 April 2016

I have two choices here in my mind. Suck it up and get it done or just say “screw it” for yet another weekend and deal with it later when the mess gets unbearable. It’s the age old debate for me. Is this my OCD coming through - my obsession with checking everything off my list at the detriment of my own happiness? Or is ignoring this task just plain old procrastination on a responsibility that just comes with owning a home?

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Organization Made Easy!

1 March 2016

Would you like to feel more organized? I have a pretty good system in place now that helps me feel on top of things…… most days! Before I get into the HOW you go about organizing your life, let me start with the WHY. You are a busy person I’m sure. So make-work projects, in the name of organization, are certainly not what you are all about. I know this because this is me too! I have found a few basic organizational habits that allow me to be more efficient at knocking off my responsibilities, therefore creating more time for open space in my life to fill with whatever it is that I choose.

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Exhausted, Overwhelmed & Feeling Guilty

24 February 2016

Was it not just this week that I had found myself binge watching That 70’s show with Zach in the middle of the week? It’s true my husband and I both work full-time, out of the home; I do have a house to manage; I do have personal finances to optimize; I do have healthy meals to cook and clean up afterwards and our kids do have a total of 4 practices and 5 hockey games this week. How in the hell do I sit down for a few hours of watching a TV sitcom in the middle of it all?

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Is it a recipe or a formula?

5 February 2016

Since the inception of YFFL in June of 2015, I’ve heard over and over again that some ladies simply do not have a formula. Hmmmm… do you get through your day? There must be some things you do just because they work for you. Isn’t this part of your formula for living? Perhaps it’s the word formula that people get hung up on. I mean A+B=C seems to insinuate that your formula can’t change. Perhaps if you considered it more of a formulation or a recipe that can be tweaked and improved upon or just outright changed at any moment in time should you decide one ingredient is no longer working for you, the idea of having a way of living that’s specific to you would be easier to digest.

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What Makes Personal Money Management Sexy!

8 January 2016

Money is a carrot to some, but not to everyone and not always. I was having a discussion with my previous employer several years ago and was expressing my concern about managing my desire to have adequate family time (by my definition) as well as attempting to not just be keeping my head above water at work, but to succeed and be great at my job! I was seeking advice….. you know, some indication of how he’d managed. After all, he had a child and he was a partner of the organization, so he must have some coping mechanisms that allowed him to climb all the way to the top while keeping his family happy, right?

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A Tried & True Strategy So You Can Relax and Enjoy the Holiday Season

1 November 2015

One particular year as I wrapped until the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Eve I promised myself that never again would I take such a haphazard approach to preparing for a holiday that has always been a favourite for me since I was a little girl. I decided that if I wanted to continue to enjoy the holiday in the same way I did as a kid, the adult in me would have to become better at nailing down a strategy for getting what I needed to do done, leaving enough time for me to sit back, chill and enjoy the festivities!

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