The Art of Delegating To Your Spouse!

27 September 2015

Today I’m going to share some tips that work in our home when I’m delegating tasks to my husband. Over the years we’ve become a great team at divvying up the household care items and have developed a system that works for us (although we didn’t start out this way!) Every once in a while though, certain tasks that he is meant to be responsible for, begin to backlog. I have learned that nagging is not a strategy that works well when it comes to motivating him to execute on his tasks, so every now and again, there needs to be a bit of a list left for him.

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How To Manage "Must Do's" So You Have More Time for "Want To Do's"

26 August 2015

An undeniable fact of everyday life is that there will always be a certain amount of “must do’s”. The key is to keep these “must do’s” manageable in order to maximize your time focused on the stuff you really want to do. If you own a home or rent a space to live in, there’s a level of responsibility that comes with that and my intention is to help you define to what extent that responsibility gets addressed- i.e. what do you define as “must-do’s” in that department and how do you fit these tasks into your life in an non-overwhelming way.

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How to Eliminate the Spending Clash With Your Spouse

30 July 2015

Today I’m going to do what some would think is politically incorrect…..I’m going to talk about money. Specifically I want to address how people in otherwise loving, caring relationships can have very different opinions and habits when it comes to spending money and this can cause either a platform for great collaboration as a couple, but more often it is the cause of a great deal of stress.

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Stop the Maddness Automate your To Do List!

23 July 2015

Have you heard the saying “busy people get more done”? It’s a tad misleading. I mean, of course a person with more on their plate is going to get more done than one with a slower schedule. I think what the saying is referring to though is the fact that a busy person can manage a higher number of responsibilities and commitments far better than someone that’s not used to doing so.

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Realistic Budgeting Advice from a Reformed Shopaholic

25 June 2015

It is confession time today. I am admitting to the world (or at least those of you that read this blog) that I once considered myself a shopaholic. Speculate as you may, never really having much of my own cash could’ve created this spend monster inside of me once I finally had a steady income.

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