When Busy at Work Collides with Busy At Home

4 November 2017

An older and wiser me has decided to take another approach. Here are some of the things I think are reasonable changes to my formula when "busy at home"collides with "busy at work":

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Taking Off My Cape

22 September 2017

Let me ask you something ladies. When was the last time you were truly taken care of? I mean, so taken care of that you didn’t need to use your brain for anything! You didn’t have to worry because you knew that life was going to continue on seamlessly, even with someone else at the reigns. And all you had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy not having to be the ringmaster for a while.

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The Truth About Showing Up Late

14 July 2017

I was reading a blog post the other day where the author described a chaotic morning in her home and how in a moment of frustration she raised her voice at her toddler whose antics were delaying their departure for an appointment, possibly causing them to be late. We’ve all had mornings like these, right ladies?

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A Formula In Flux

24 May 2017

Listen guys, I know I haven’t written any of my own blogs in a while. Honestly, it’s because I’m facing a few changes in my formula right now and I wasn’t really sure what to actually write about! So I decided to share with you what’s changing and why – even though I haven’t really figured out how exactly it’s all going to look in the end. But here it goes….

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Admitting I Don't Have a Clue When It Comes to Parenting (and hoping the kids don't find out!)

10 March 2017

Honestly, these changes in him scare the crap out of me! I totally rode the tide of easy parentdom the entire time between the ages of 6 and 12 and enjoyed as he gained independence and eventually didn’t need to yell “mom!” a million times a day. I’m not sure I’m ready to wade into these murky tweenage parenting waters – and yet, here I am.

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Feel As If

9 February 2017

Needless to say, as I’ve listened to Jess’ recent podcasts on the law of attraction, and her consideration of how to be in alignment as a means of creating a life she loves living, she’s helped me to understand that perhaps the underlying concept where focus should be placed is not to just simply act as if, but to also feel as if.

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Protecting Your Relationship

13 January 2017

Todd and I are a typical, we disagree on some things, agree on most things, and work together to manage our home, finances and children’s extracurricular schedule. But that does not make us a couple. That makes us roommates. Responsible roommates.

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My Direction in 2017

9 January 2017

But in order to make resolutions that I feel are effective, I need to reign myself in from the far sweeping; life altering; I should be doing this, this and this; 2017 is the year I WILL do it all; kind of promises.

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The Power In Your Decisions

4 December 2016

If I can keep each day and each moment about the individual decisions I need to make to move forward, staying present and consciously making those decisions…. does the feeling of chaos and overwhelm go away? What if I reminded myself each and every day that I do have the power to decide, no matter what comes at me that day? Would this combat the feelings of overwhelm?

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