Seizures Were Not On The List

16 November 2016

When I’m introducing myself to other mom’s I let them know that I have two kids, ages 9 and 11. But the ladies who really know me know that my oldest kid will be 14 in January.

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Why We All Need A Friend Who's Nothing Like Us

13 November 2016

As a teenager, I really didn’t date much so there were few boy problems, I was academically strong so there were no school problems, and I was compelled to become educated for a career that was both financially stable and rewarding, so there were no “she’s going to waste her life” problems. I had friends and a bit of a social life and I was active in team sports. I truly required little guidance as I found my way in life. My parents could trust me to do the right thing 99.9% of the time. It was all very easy….. I was the easy one. And then I met Julie….

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Avoiding Meltdown

5 November 2016

This post is virtually a part two to last week’s blog about strategies for staying sane when life gets chaotic. This week has been even nuttier than last, so I thought I’d check in to see how I’m doing at sticking with the strategies I know will help me manage through this time of unbalance with work far outweighing everything else in my life.

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5 Strategies For Staying Sane When Sh!t Hits The Fan

28 October 2016

Working like this and shifting so much of the rest of my life to the backburner for a while has brought me back to a thought I’ve been having a lot lately. Working moms are seriously lacking resources online that are going to just flat out tell it like it is. Like – when the sh!t hits the fan, how in the hell do you survive as a working mom?

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Motivation versus Practical How-To Advice

30 July 2016

I still believe in the mission of YFFL. I still want to help overwhelmed ladies gain some control over their responsibilities. I want them to implement smooth, efficient systems to knock off their to-do list in record time and create more space for their own fun, whatever that may be!

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Can You Really Find The Good In Any Situation?

22 July 2016

Generally I feel very enlightened and inspired after I hear or read anything from Wayne Dyer – but this one hit a roadblock in my mind. In the particular situation described in the podcast there may have been some remote possibility that she could take his advice and make it useful. I suspect he did not mean it as a blanket statement that could apply to every horrible situation that I could come up with – but that’s where my mind went.

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A Bit Of A Rant

13 July 2016

You should, you should, you should…… You know what – today I’m going to say what all the kids are thinking when you “should” them to death…… shut the F*** up!

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When It Counts

24 June 2016

I’m going to say something outrageous right now, and something perhaps you won’t agree with. I feel that there is no room for obligation in any friendship. We’ve all heard that relationships take effort and you would expect that that includes your relationships with your best girls. Effort does not equal obligation. Let me explain the difference.

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Be Nice

4 June 2016

I told her it was a bit different for kids, when you get to be an adult you do an assessment of the safety of a situation before you talk to a stranger, but in general, it feels good to be nice to others. I told her that I believe we are here to make connections with others (which may sound really weird coming from an introvert who openly admits she needs more alone time than the average soul!)

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