Implementing Change

22 May 2016

I’m generally a very driven person, but I suspect my discovery this week could very well be something causing many of us to stagnate…..

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Do You Speak in Absolutes?

14 May 2016

Are you ALWAYS busy? Do you ALWAYS feel run down? Are you ALWAYS pining away for your next holiday or your next sleep in? This was me. ALWAYS thinking and speaking in absolutes. What I’ve determined is that this way of believing is truly no good for my formula for living my best life! So today I've blogged about a whirlwind week where I paid less attention to the chaos and more attention to the downtime and fun time each day.

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Am I a Fraud or Simply a Work in Progress?

4 May 2016

Truly embracing the idea of being a work in progress is simply such a relief for me! It forces me to admit that there have been times since I started, a website dedicated to lifestyle advice for women, where I’ve essentially felt like a fraud. Why a fraud you ask? Because even though I’ve thought through what my best formula for life looks like and I’m regularly sharing elements of it with all of you, sometimes……

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When Subtle Stress Becomes Chronic Stress

15 April 2016

Sometimes it’s obvious when you are feeling stress. You know, when you swerve to miss a racoon on the road and you barely pull the car back under control, all the while your husband’s voice is screaming in your head……”Don’t swerve! Never swerve!” Heart beating, blood rushing, and a feeling of relief flooding over you that you managed to survive that incident (and don’t have to tell your husband you crashed the car because you swerved to miss a racoon).

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Are We Walking the Path to Burnout?

8 April 2016

How do you balance it all?............. I just don’t know how you get it all done……………….. Do you ever sleep? Most women hear comments like this regularly. And that’s because this is a typical day for most of us: get up, do a million things (and of course we do them well!), crash into bed, repeat. Anything less, is lazy by today’s societal standards.

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The Sh!t That Comes With the Job

2 April 2016

Sometimes we humans have a tendency to get swept up in the negative aspects of our day to day. We think about it, we vent about it, we think about it some more and we let it consume us to the point where it fogs over all of the good stuff.

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My First Year of Travel Hockey

25 March 2016

I've been playing hockey since I was six years old and this year is my first year of travel hockey for the Stratford Aces and I'm really enjoying it.

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When You Can't Kiss It & Make it Better Anymore

6 March 2016

My reactions aren’t always parental role-model material… ”Did you push him back?” “Why does your principal have to be such a tool?” “Do you think that snarly woman even has children of her own?” Yes, I admit, sometimes these less-than-stellar comments do sneak from my mouth with the children present. While it does generally allow them to muster a snicker and crack a small smile… once I’ve suppressed the mother tiger in me, I’m better able to assess the situation like a mature, responsible adult... and share with them some words of wisdom to help guide them through whatever uncomfortableness they are feeling.

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What I Would Have Missed

23 January 2016

I just wanted to share that as I was out walking Titan early this morning, I was admiring the moon. I think it was a full moon and if it wasn’t……it had to be close! Anyway, it was gorgeous. And despite it being bitterly cold as we walked this morning, I found myself wondering how many times I’ve been able to enjoy the sight of the moon on our walks (and sometimes an early morning sun rise when we’re walking in June and the days are much longer!) It’s possible that I’m a tad nostalgic today though, because it’s Titan’s birthday. The old guy is 13 (or 91 in dog years!) Yep – we officially have a teenager in the house!

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