In Over My Head Again

15 January 2016

I was sitting there typing a tryout letter for my son’s hockey team to be distributed to players and families at their first hockey tryout tomorrow evening and I realized……that fluttery feeling was coming from my fear that I may have gotten myself in over my head…….again!

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A Direction for 2016

2 January 2016

Here’s another blog post on resolutions for the new year….are you sick of them yet? I suspect though that mine will be a different take than most other posts. You see, I am a goal setter and a goal getter and for many years I’ve had some very specific goals set along with a detailed plan in order to achieve these goals in a timeline I’d set for myself. This year I feel like I’m morphing a bit and this kind of specific strategic goal setting didn’t really feel right for me anymore. I’m attempting more of a global approach to setting a direction for myself in 2016 and below I’ll try to describe the paths I’m expecting to explore.

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How An Avid Planner Handles the Aftermath of Spontaneity

20 December 2015

Even with a conscious effort on knowing our priorities and living by them, time can sometimes still get away from us leaving us wondering if we’re really all that successful at living a life we’ve designed. A few weekends ago, 8pm on Sunday night found me in a sudden internal rage. How in the world was it already 8pm on Sunday night? How was it that my weekend had just passed me by and I had a few short hours before my alarm would go off and the whirlwind of a new week would begin? Letting weekends slip by was not my style, so how had I let this happen?

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How to Quiet Self Doubt That's Chirping In Your Ear!

5 December 2015

Have you ever thought you were ready to do something, and then some unknown force holds you back? Or perhaps you start, and then self doubt takes over and you convince yourself it’s not the right time to try.

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How To Deal with A Jackass

27 November 2015

An important part of my formula is to ensure that the people that are in my life lift me up and inspire me. It is true however, that we can’t control every interaction we have every single day and at some point, we are all going to encounter a jackass. How to deal with and process a rather ridiculous, frustrating encounter with a jackass? That is a question I’m going to answer for you today!

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Why It's Not Just Hockey

25 October 2015

As my busiest week of being a hockey mom comes to a close (10 ice times down, 3 to go today), I find myself reflecting on how influential my kids coaches can be in their lives. I’m not just talking about how they can influence their hockey skills either. What they learn playing on these teams is going to impact how they present themselves to the world later in life. I personally believe I’m a successful professional in my career and a goal driven individual because of what I learned on the ice as a kid.

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What's Next?

17 October 2015

I seem to be at a “what’s next” spot in my life design. My philosophy is that there is always something next, that’s part of the fun! We can tweak, update, or totally revamp our life design any time we want. I know I want to continue to focus on the core elements of my design and making sure I’m walking the talk so to speak. I’ve also recently come to the conclusion that I’m really intrigued with the idea of slow living. I don’t believe slow living means lazy, but rather more intentional living. I want to ensure that my formula for life is as intentional as possible. So with this in mind, here’s how I’m tweaking my formula and some new habits I’m working on at the moment.

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Why I Cringe When I Hear "It Depends"

4 October 2015

How many times have you looked for some advice or were seeking a fresh opinion only to find the answer you are receiving is “it depends”. Ugh! I hate when I hear "it depends!" I also grow irritated when I’m told “it’s up to you”, “do what works best for you”, “only you can choose where to start” etc. etc. etc. In these situations I really want to say “C’mon people! I’m coming to you trying to put the ball in your court! I’d love for you to help me along the path I’m considering going. Better yet, point me to the path you think I should take for heaven sakes!”

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For The First Time I Understand the Tremendous Benefits of Slow

18 September 2015

Today is my fifth day in a row being home alone. To an extreme extrovert, this will sound like torture and to a single person that lives alone this doesn’t sound overly exciting, but to a sometimes overscheduled, overwhelmed mom of two with an intense career this is just what the doctor ordered!

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