The Best Use of My Time to Ensure I Maintain Balance

12 September 2015

I L O V E the idea of time management – even though the term sort of doesn’t really fit with the intent of what it is most people are trying to achieve. You aren’t managing time because we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You are managing how you spend your time and being smarter and more intentional about that is generally what people are seeking

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How To Calm Chaos By Living Your Priorities

13 August 2015

I want to start with just a few simple bullets to get you and I on the same wave length when it comes to time management (and I still struggle keeping myself in this thought pattern, which I’ll explain more a little bit later on in this post).

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3 Steps to Creating The Best Formula for Life

6 August 2015

How in the world is one supposed to start designing a formula for their entire life? In a recent discussion with a friend who admittedly is looking for the “next thing” in her life, I came away from the conversation contemplating how I knew where to start in my own formula and when I knew it was time to move on to the next thing.

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Climbing Up to the Next New Normal

24 July 2015

I've been feeling somewhat anxious lately; a complete lack of clarity and an unbelievable lack of organization and execution. This is not me in my stride. I’m breaking all of my rules, working late; eating crap for supper when I get home, and sacrificing sleep so I can get more items knocked off my to do list.

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Three Powerful Personal Discoveries I've Learned From My Kids

16 July 2015

It’s absolutely true that I probably learn more about myself from my kids than from any other source. My son recently turned 10, and honestly having a kid in the double digits was a bit tough for me. Being a mom for 10 entire years came rather quickly I thought, but looking back, wow, how I've changed and grown in those 10 years!

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Why "Me-Time" Combats Overwhelm & How to Fit It In!

9 July 2015

Sometimes people ask me how I find the time to fit everything in. First I have to clarify, I don’t find the time, I make it. I have a clear focus on my priorities which helps, but I also follow the guidelines discussed below to ensure I have enough time spent each week on what’s important to me (the ever-important “me time” that can sometimes elude those of us living busy lives filled with career, kids, and an endless list of responsibilities if no conscious effort is placed on it).

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Meet the Team!

19 June 2015

The tall kid with the Green Bay hat – he’s my strategizer and negotiator. He keeps me on my toes and always presents me with many learning opportunities. The short one is my fashion expert – never hesitating to point out that while the tights I’m wearing are nice, my sweater and hair-do make me look old.

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Find Your "Fringe Hours", Save Your Sanity!

19 June 2015

I’m so glad to finally be sitting down and writing to you because I have so much I want to share this month! I’m working new elements into my own life formula and I would like to tell you about them and the resources I’ve found that have me thinking about where my formula can be improved. I have to start with an amazing book that I recently read because its message resonated with me so easily. The book is called The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You and is written by Jessica N. Turner.

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Still Into You

18 June 2015

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of examples of my husband and I working together harmoniously and I still find myself a bit stunned at the solid team we have become. He’s is my “go-to guy” but just when exactly that happened for me – I can’t tell you.

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