The Power In Your Decisions

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This morning I debated what I’d like to write about this week.  Typically blog ideas are just there and there’s generally no rhyme or reason to what I write about, other than it’s a topic that is or has impacted how I’m living my life today.  I know professional marketers out there are reading this cringing, thinking “you should always be writing on brand and in some way tying back to a message that is brand driven!”  What can I say…. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. But then again, I’m an accountant who blogs, so marketing rules be damned!

Anywhoo…  as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed while eating my breakfast this morning I came across this quote and it really stopped me mid-scroll.

“You don’t need more hours in your day, you need to decide”.

Perhaps that quote feels like a slap in the face to women like me, living what can sometimes feel like a chaotic, overwhelming lifestyle with very little free time.  How can I possibly not need more hours in the day to do all of this? But after a bit more thought, I began to wonder if perhaps this quote could hold the answer.  Maybe living a life that we desire truly all comes down to the ability to make decisions.  Decisions about how we spend our time and our perception about how much control we have over how we spend our time.

My “A-Ha” Moment

That quote reinforced my understanding that the way I’m living (and how I feel about that life) ultimately comes down to decisions that only I can make:

  • Decisions about how late to stay at work and what work actually has to get done that day
  • Decisions about continuing to dedicate time to things that are just for me, even when my time with my family has been less than normal lately
  • Decisions about the good and bad food I fuel my body with
  • Decisions about how long I dwell on an argument that I had
  • Decisions about how much I’m going to let something I’m working through, but that ultimately is outside of my control, impact my present moment

If I can keep each day and each moment about the individual decisions I need to make to move forward, staying present and consciously making those decisions…. does the feeling of chaos and overwhelm go away?  What if I reminded myself each and every day that I do have the power to decide, no matter what comes at me that day?  Would this combat the feelings of overwhelm?

I really don’t want to infer that being present and consciously making decisions about how to spend one’s time is easy.  I often battle with how I feel I should be spending my time versus how I really want to be spending my time.  I struggle daily with consciously choosing the “want” over the “should”.  I’m wired to “should” first and then if there’s time, “want” later (and I bet some of you are on the other side of the coin – “want” first and worry about the “shoulds” some other time).

And honestly, I also struggle with prioritizing all of my wants to fit them into any given day.  I want to watch my son’s hockey game, spend time cooking a wholesome meal for supper, work on that course I’m loving for a few hours, read one of the books on my nightstand that I desperately want to read, watch a movie with my husband and take a nice long walk with my dog....  I could easily spend all day, every day filling my time with “wants”. But the “shoulds” still have to happen, right?

I know many of you reading this right now are nodding in agreement. But learning how to make conscious decisions about how to spend your time is a habit that needs to be built up over weeks and months, just like any other habit.  And also, just like any other habit, sometimes we fall back into old routines and “old habits die hard” right?

Applying My A-Ha Moment to Real Life

When you come across a quote or a blog or an article that really makes you stop and think about how you are living your day-to-day, how do you take that knowledge and apply it, instead of just letting it be a fleeting thought you have, that really could’ve made a difference for you if only you’d done something with that thought?

It’s oh so easy to think about it and have a wonderful revelation, but not have the willpower, determination or desire to take that newfound understanding about yourself and your life and make lasting change happen.

A few blogs ago I talked about the “I’m so busy” downward spiral that so many of us ladies are prone to.  I’m’ still really working on creating the habit of catching myself early, before I spin in that spiral for days, exaggerating the depth of my busyness until I’m the only woman on earth juggling all that I do.  Being aware that I decide to spin, or to stop and move forward, has really helped me decrease the length of time I feel the overwhelmed feelings that I despise so much.  I still spin, (believe me!) it’s just usually for a shorter period of time!

This quote came to me today as a reminder.  No matter how many outside pressures I’m feeling in regards to how I should be spending my time, ultimately, I have the power to decide how to move forward, either with my actions or with my thoughts.  This is a quote that I absolutely needed today and I hope it can be useful for you as well as you sift through the messiness that sometimes is life with work, kids, friends, volunteer commitments, and everything else!  Remember, only YOU DECIDE how you spend your time and how you will allow those choices to make you feel.


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