What Makes Personal Money Management Sexy!

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This is a blog post about money…..so if you are uncomfortable with the topic for whatever reason, take a deep breath before you continue reading!

Money is a carrot to some, but not to everyone and not always.  I was having a discussion with my previous employer several years ago and was expressing my concern about managing my desire to have adequate family time (by my definition) as well as attempting to not just be keeping my head above water at work, but to succeed and be great at my job!  I was seeking advice….. you know, some indication of how he’d managed.  After all, he had a child and he was a partner of the organization, so he must have some coping mechanisms that allowed him to climb all the way to the top while keeping his family happy, right?  Even if he couldn’t relate to my definition of adequate family time, maybe he could at least point me in the direction of someone else within the firm who may be able to.  Here’s what he said to me that day instead of doing either of these things:

“You know Kelly, you really should think of your earnings potential with the firm.  Maybe your husband could stay home with the kids to allow you more time to succeed in your career”.

Hmmm……yes, perspective was gained.  I concluded that he had absolutely no clue how to provide me with any advice that would help me to build my best life both at home and at the firm.  Money was absolutely not the most important driver for me in that particular scenario, a concept he obviously failed to understand.  I suppose he was looking at things through his own lens.  Perhaps money was what drove him to reach the top level within the organization.  Regardless, this conversation convinced me that my definition of success at work and at home was likely not in line with that particular company and ultimately I left the organization.

I believe having an understanding of how much money is enough for you to live your life by your definition is integral in helping you make many important life impacting decisions (like the one I made when I left that organization for a lower paying job that was closer to home and required less overtime).

I also believe that there’s always a feeling of lack in the financial department when you really don’t have a solid handle on your finances.  I get it – doing a budget and tracking your expenses is so not sexy! But having the confidence to change jobs, fully understanding what your financial needs are, is pretty darn satisfying in my books!

We all have to evaluate our financial situation from time to time, whether under the light of contemplating if the income we are earning is coming from a job and an organization that suits us and what we want from life or from the perspective of understanding where we’re spending our money and if we could do better.

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